Titanic Change in the U.S. Grocery Space

by Broad Street | Published 07/26/2016 | Acquisitions, Grocery Stores

With the US government signing off on the merger of Royal Dutch Ahold and Belgium’s Delhaize Group, the supermarket space in America is in for some changes. Worldwide the two companies own 6,000 stores, of which 2,000 are in the United States. Sales top $44bn here, with Ahold’s banners Giant-Carlisle and Giant-Landover, Stop & Shop and […]

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Can’t Innovate: Big Companies Buy Small Brands (Not Always a Good Thing)

by Broad Street | Published 03/21/2016 | Acquisitions, Organics

Given today’s start-up mentality, it seems every new product launch from a small firm is seen as a potential buy-out exit for management. That’s because big companies, saddled with internal bureaucracy and bloated structures that stifle innovation, have found it easier and more effective to buy someone else’s exciting new product. General Mills has seen […]

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Private Equity Firms Buying Restaurant Franchisees

by Broad Street | Published 02/23/2016 | Acquisitions, The Restaurant Business

Our favorite restaurant industry reporter Jonathan Maze has blogged about the rise in private equity companies purchasing restaurant franchisees lately. It’s a trend that runs counter to past experience, since traditionally PE companies purchased restaurant chains and their franchising ability. Franchisees would seem to be a poor investment, since they have high operating capital requirements, […]

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Even Starbucks Sometimes Stumbles

by Broad Street | Published 02/01/2016 | Acquisitions, Beverages, Consumer Package Goods (CPG)

After Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz crowed about his company’s CPG performance (Consumer Package Goods), the company acknowledged it doesn’t hit the mark every time by quietly shuttering its Teavana tea bars in NYC and Beverly Hills. It’s nice to know even Starbucks, like Homer, occasionally nods…. The company will continue to sell tea and the […]

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