How Restaurants & Retail Are the Same, Yet Different

by Broad Street | Published 10/04/2016 | Licensing Best Practices, Retailing, The Restaurant Business

A third Twitter “war” with Nation’s Restaurant News Senior Editor Jonathan Maze arising from a previous post asking if restaurants are just restaurants and not brands stretching across channels prompted me to sharpen my argument about restaurants at retail. In what ways are restaurants & retail food products the same? And in what ways are […]

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Steak and Shake branded steak burgers licensed by Broad Street Licensing Group

Are Restaurants, Well, Just Restaurants?

by Broad Street | Published 06/28/2016 | Consumer Package Goods (CPG), Licensing, Licensing Best Practices, Retailing

A spirited Twitter debate with Jonathan Maze, Senior Editor at Nation’s Restaurant News, opened my eyes to why most restaurant execs simply fail to understand the new food marketplace. They think they’re competing against other restaurants. Maze was reporting on how fears over Brexit and a possible resulting US recession helped push chain restaurant stocks […]

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