News: Starbucks, Dannon and HPP Smoothies

by Broad Street | Published 04/07/2015 | Beverages, Opinion, Starbucks & Retail

Starburcks continues to “get it” more than any other restaurant brand. They’re partnering with Dannon, the leading yogurt in the US, and Evolution Fresh, a company making its name for High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) processing, to launch fruit smoothies in their stores. The potential certainly exists then to take these same products to retail. One […]

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Pepsi Tries Going Healthy

by Broad Street | Published 02/25/2015 | Beverages, Consumer Package Goods (CPG), Government Regulation, Health, Marketing, Starbucks & Retail

Faced with the decade-long decline in sugary drink sales, PepsiCo is moving to launch “better for you” alternatives. Mountain Dew will shed some of its crazy, testosterone-fueled image for the new Kickstart sub-brand that has 60% less sugar than original Mountain Dew and contains coconut water, this week’s manna from heaven. Gatorade will see Propel […]

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