Denver Post Slams Anti-GMO Hysteria

by Broad Street | Published 04/05/2016 | GMOs, Health, Opinion, Technology

In an editorial entitled “Science sacked in Boulder GMO plan,” the prestigeous Denver Post editorialized that anti-GMO activists, organic companies and hysteria won out in new regulations preventing farmers who lease public lands from growing genetically-modified crops on them. Farmers have been growing GMO corn on public land in Colorado for nearly 15 years, and […]

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Big Data & Food

by Broad Street | Published 04/22/2015 | Technology

Pundits have been punditing for years about Big Data. Gradually the enormous amounts of data streaming in to food & beverage marketers, including restaurants, grocers and other retailers is being sorted out and used to understand where the market is going. For example, Starbucks has 13MM mobile payment app users (accounting for 16% of their […]

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New Microwave Technology May Improve Food Prep

by Broad Street | Published 10/03/2014 | Technology

Advance Microwave Technologies has introduced a kit that promises to improve cooking. Called microwave volumetric heating (MVH), it passes the food down a tube fitted with microwave zappers and doesn’t get hot itself. This means there are no risks for burns or altering the taste of the food, which is heated internally. With conventional cooking, […]

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Half of All Retailing Emails Viewed on Mobile Devices

by Broad Street | Published 07/16/2014 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Marketing, Technology

If you aren’t adapting your marketing to smart phones, then you’re headed for Chapter 11. That’s the take-away from a new study by the marketing firm Knotice 43.2% of all retail marketing e-mails were opened on mobile devices in Q3/Q4 2013 (up 13.9% over the same period last year). The company estimates that figure will […]

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