Tony Roma’s Ribs at Retail in New, Innovative Packaging

by Broad Street | Published 10/05/2016 | Licensing, The Restaurant Business

Broad Street Licensing Group client restaurant brand Tony Roma’s Famous Ribs is seeing a surge of growth and placements into new retailers in the US and overseas following their licensee Rupari Foods‘ change to an innovative new packaging that allows consumers to heat & eat the pre-cooked ribs with none of the usual mess from conventional packages.

The new ribs are sold in an aluminum “pan” that can be placed in the oven, microwave or on the grill. New plastic packaging for the pulled meats can be put into the microwave or in an conventional oven. A clear film is pulled off and the product is ready to be heated up.

Rupari is placing commercials highlighting the new packaging and encouraging consumers to make any night special by serving the Tony Roma’s brand, rather than waiting for the weekends or a special occasion.

The ribs and pulled meats license is one of the best examples of how a restaurant chain can extend its brand to consumers who aren’t eating out or maybe don’t even have a Tony Roma’s restaurant nearby.

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