How Brand Acquisition Licensing Can Build Your Business

by Broad Street | Published 08/11/2015 | Brand Acquisition for Manufacturers

Brand acquisition licensing leverages sought after brands can ensure that your products are the ones that stand out on shelf. Many companies come to us asking about brand acquisition licensing, yet failing to understand what it is and how it can help them. Simply put, brand acquisition licensing is “renting” the equity in an established […]

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BIC Lighters Scores with Broad Street Licensing

by Broad Street | Published 08/04/2015 | Brand Acquisition for Manufacturers

Broad Street Licensing Group loves sports. Not only are we named for hockey’s legendary “Broad Street Bullies” (aka The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, who unfortunately didn’t make this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs), but we’ve helped BIC USA’s Lighter Division acquire the licensing rights to the National Hockey League (NHL). And the National Basketball Association (NBA). […]

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What Is Brand Acquisition Licensing?

by Broad Street | Published 05/26/2015 | Brand Acquisition for Manufacturers, Licensing Best Practices

There are three ways to market your product: Under your own brand name As a commodity or store brand/private label By licensing an established brand Number three is known as “brand acquisition.” A company acquires an established brand by licensing it for use on their product(s). It’s almost like renting the equity in the name […]

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