Is Honey Really Honey?

by Broad Street | Published 02/10/2016 | Environment, Government Regulation, Health

We have written before about whether the honey sold in grocery stores here is, in fact, honey. And we aren’t the only ones concerned about the quality of the product and its safety. As this article for National Public Radio‘s “The Salt” blog points out, a number of voices have been calling out the honey […]

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Animal Welfare Now a Concern for Food Marketers

by Broad Street | Published 01/29/2016 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Environment, Opinion

As if farmers, meat packers, egg producers and food marketers didn’t have enough to worry them, now animal welfare has been added to the list. Nearly 70% of companies surveyed have animal welfare policies, up from 46% only four years ago. Companies admit that consumer pressure and awareness of animal welfare issues are the driver […]

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The Not-So-Secret Death of Bees

by Broad Street | Published 01/11/2016 | Environment, Government Regulation, Litigation

We have been reporting on the decline of America’s honeybee population for years as part of a puzzle called “Colony Collapse Disorder.” Literally millions of bees have died, threatening not just the production of honey, but the entire agricultural industry. Commercial beekeepers take their wards to farmers’ fields in order to pollinate crops like fruits […]

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GMO Opposition in EU Looking Like Anti-Vaxer Hysteria

by Broad Street | Published 10/27/2015 | Environment, Health, Opinion, Organics

First World privileged folks are beginning to seem as irrational and anti-science as those denying climate change or refusing to vaccinate their children. Insisting that “we just don’t know enough” or “why take chances,” they are turning their backs on science and embracing fear. Just look at the EU opposition to GMO crops (genetically-modified organisms, […]

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