USDA Reports Record Growth in Organics

by Broad Street | Published 04/27/2016 | Government Regulation, Opinion, Organics

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that organic food producers and the organics sector have seen record growth. Government stats show 21,781 certified organic operations in the US and 31,160 around the world. Data released by the Department’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and its National Organic Program (NOP) have the number of […]

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The GMO Wars Continue

by Broad Street | Published 03/23/2016 | Government Regulation

Americans are at war with themselves and spending big money to help their viewpoint prevail. No, we’re not talking about the presidential election, but the struggle over GMOs and GMO labeling. Genetically-modified organisms is the name given to biotech crops & feed animals. Scientists can now easily manipulate an organism’s genes rather than relying on […]

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“Natural” Still Eludes & Enrages

by Broad Street | Published 03/10/2016 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Government Regulation, Marketing Trends

After complaints from consumers and lawsuits against CPG manufacturers, the FDA is looking at regulating the “natural” descriptor by presumably ruling on standards for the usage of the term. We have been watching the problems with “natural” for some time. Not to be pinned down, though, manufacturers are trying to elude any regulation changes by […]

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How Much Will GMO Labeling Cost?

by Broad Street | Published 02/29/2016 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Government Regulation, Green and Sustainable

We recently had to block a Twitter user when she went apoplectic about a post we made on GMO labeling laws being proposed in Congress. Folks tend to get pretty riled up over GMOs (genetically modified organisms). There are groups calling for manditory labeling that would tell consumers if their foods contained GMO ingredients, and […]

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Is Honey Really Honey?

by Broad Street | Published 02/10/2016 | Environment, Government Regulation, Health

We have written before about whether the honey sold in grocery stores here is, in fact, honey. And we aren’t the only ones concerned about the quality of the product and its safety. As this article for National Public Radio‘s “The Salt” blog points out, a number of voices have been calling out the honey […]

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