Denver Post Slams Anti-GMO Hysteria

by Broad Street | Published 04/05/2016 | GMOs, Health, Opinion, Technology

In an editorial entitled “Science sacked in Boulder GMO plan,” the prestigeous Denver Post editorialized that anti-GMO activists, organic companies and hysteria won out in new regulations preventing farmers who lease public lands from growing genetically-modified crops on them. Farmers have been growing GMO corn on public land in Colorado for nearly 15 years, and […]

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Is Honey Really Honey?

by Broad Street | Published 02/10/2016 | Environment, Government Regulation, Health

We have written before about whether the honey sold in grocery stores here is, in fact, honey. And we aren’t the only ones concerned about the quality of the product and its safety. As this article for National Public Radio‘s “The Salt” blog points out, a number of voices have been calling out the honey […]

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Justice Dept. Going After Food Execs

by Broad Street | Published 02/04/2016 | Government Regulation, Health, Litigation

Food executives who know about health & safety violations and deliberately ignore or cover them up could be staring at some significant jail time. Both Chipotle Mexican Grill and Blue Bell Creameries have had criminal investigations opened by the Department of Justice in recent weeks looking into food-borne illness outbreaks. DOJ will be looking to […]

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Why Data Doesn’t Matter

by Broad Street | Published 11/18/2015 | Health, Opinion

Consumers demanded to have calorie counts on fast food menus. But a new study says those same consumers don’t even read the calorie counts. And it hasn’t changed their eating habits. Data is supposed to help us make informed decisions. In 2008, just after calorie information had to be posted in NYC restaurants, researchers at […]

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GMO Opposition in EU Looking Like Anti-Vaxer Hysteria

by Broad Street | Published 10/27/2015 | Environment, Health, Opinion, Organics

First World privileged folks are beginning to seem as irrational and anti-science as those denying climate change or refusing to vaccinate their children. Insisting that “we just don’t know enough” or “why take chances,” they are turning their backs on science and embracing fear. Just look at the EU opposition to GMO crops (genetically-modified organisms, […]

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