Justice Dept. Going After Food Execs

by Broad Street | Published 02/04/2016 | Government Regulation, Health, Litigation

Food executives who know about health & safety violations and deliberately ignore or cover them up could be staring at some significant jail time. Both Chipotle Mexican Grill and Blue Bell Creameries have had criminal investigations opened by the Department of Justice in recent weeks looking into food-borne illness outbreaks. DOJ will be looking to […]

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Whiskey & Brands

by Broad Street | Published 01/12/2016 | Alcoholic Beverages, Litigation, Spirits

Brands are important to whiskey marketing, but whiskey marketing is becoming vulnerable to exaggerated brand claims. Diageo has been sued in California for claiming its Buleitt Bourbon is distilled in a particular place in Kentucky, specifically by saying on its label “Distilled, Aged & Bottled by the Bulleit Distilling Co. in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.” Truth in […]

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The Not-So-Secret Death of Bees

by Broad Street | Published 01/11/2016 | Environment, Government Regulation, Litigation

We have been reporting on the decline of America’s honeybee population for years as part of a puzzle called “Colony Collapse Disorder.” Literally millions of bees have died, threatening not just the production of honey, but the entire agricultural industry. Commercial beekeepers take their wards to farmers’ fields in order to pollinate crops like fruits […]

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“All Natural” Claims All BS?

by Broad Street | Published 07/16/2015 | Litigation

In a move that will embolden lawyers and which should make consumers more careful about food marketing claims like “all natural,” Tyson Foods has settled a lawsuit about its Vans Natural Foods breakfast products, including such as frozen waffles, frozen french toast, frozen pancakes and muffins. The $9MM settlement came when Tyson acquired Hillshire Brands […]

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The Legal Quandary of “Clean Label”

by Broad Street | Published 07/06/2015 | Government Regulation, Litigation, Marketing Trends

“Organic” is now so yesterday. And “all natural” and “natural” claims can get you dragged into court. So food & beverage marketers are looking for cover in terms like “clean label” or “local” or even “sustainable.” Our advice before making claims is to check with a lawyer, preferably one who knows the ins and outs […]

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