Will “Dinner Call” & Other Apps Change Grocery Shopping?

by Broad Street | Published 03/14/2016 | Digital Marketing, Grocery Stores, Marketing Trends

A new app called “Dinner Call” will allow consumers to place orders with grocery stores for quick pick-up, perhaps blunting the last-minute appeal of fast food. Why not use deli staff to prepare a meal for sale online instead of waiting for customers to come into the store? Stores have to design the meals and […]

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“Natural” Still Eludes & Enrages

by Broad Street | Published 03/10/2016 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Government Regulation, Marketing Trends

After complaints from consumers and lawsuits against CPG manufacturers, the FDA is looking at regulating the “natural” descriptor by presumably ruling on standards for the usage of the term. We have been watching the problems with “natural” for some time. Not to be pinned down, though, manufacturers are trying to elude any regulation changes by […]

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Are Grocery Stores Dinosaurs?

by Broad Street | Published 11/03/2015 | Grocery Stores, Marketing Trends, Opinion

Food marketing consultant Steve Johnson goes by the nickname “The Grocerant,” and has a lively blog that advances the notion (long held here) that food is now something Americans can purchase ANYWHERE. Indeed Steve argues in this post that grocery stores are dinosaurs and we shouldn’t pay so much attention to what they do, say […]

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More Companies Jump on “Clean Label” Bandwagon

by Broad Street | Published 07/10/2015 | Consumer Trends and Habits, Marketing Trends

Regular readers know that we’ve been covering the “clean label” movement that lately has become a stampede. Given the marketing failure of “organic” and the increasingly legal problems with claims of “all natural” and “healthy,” food marketers are turning instead to the “clean” label: few or no artificial ingredients or additives. The latest is Blount […]

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