by BroadStreetAdmin | Published 09/30/2020 | Alcoholic Beverages, Beverages, Brand Licensing

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Sept. 30, 2020 – Hard Rock International (HRI) today announced a partnership with Stewart’s Enterprises, Inc., the exclusive licensee of the original Stewart’s Root Beer brand and other popular Stewart’s beverage offerings, to bring Hard Rock® Premium Hard Seltzer to fans nationwide later this year. Hard Rock Premium Hard Seltzer is crafted for music fans in […]

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Lidl Giving UK Grocers Indigestion

by Broad Street | Published 08/04/2015 | Alcoholic Beverages, Grocery Stores, World News

The German retailer Lidl is kicking some major butt among legacy UK grocers like Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Walmart-owned Asda. It and fellow German-owned Aldi have already forced British retailers to slash prices as part of a bruising price war. Several recent blind taste test competitions have had both retailers besting much higher-priced offerings, reinforcing […]

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The Coming Backlash Against “Natural” Foods

by Broad Street | Published 12/03/2013 | Alcoholic Beverages, Consumer Package Goods (CPG), Government Regulation, Health, Litigation, Marketing Trends, Organics, Retailing

Unlike organic, no government regulations limit the use of the term “natural,” nor are there any guidelines for its use. That may all be changing: a “food label modernization bill” was introduced in September in Congress that would require the FDA to establish a standardized labeling protocol. While the bill has not been passed, food companies are acting to remove “all natural” designation on their own or because of lawsuits. Over 100 suits have been filed against products ranging from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (which contains partially-hydrogenated oils or trans fats) to Beam, Inc.’s Skinnygirl alcoholic drinks. One of the thornier issues is whether GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) are natural or not. Judges this past Summer in cases against Gruma Corp.’s Mission tortilla chips and General Mills Inc. Nature Valley granola bars have delayed ruling until the FDA decides whether GMO foods can be marketed as “all natural.”

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Premium Spirits Category Shows Huge Growth

by Broad Street | Published 09/06/2013 | Alcoholic Beverages

With the new Playboy-branded vodka & tequila ready to launch this Fall, it’s a good time to look at the premium spirits category. It’s a good time to be in the category: growth has been exceptional. Overall the U.S. bourbon market grew 13.2% with super-premium bourbons up an astonishing 79.5%.1 It doesn’t stop there: super premium rum sales were up 91% versus an anemic 2.5% for the spirit’s overall market. Not to be left behind, super premium liqueurs and cordials rose 21.1%.

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