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Two bags inspired by the celebrities are available now.

[Original story by License Global]

Broad Street client, BIC and their EZ Reach Lighters is bringing new meaning to functional fashion with the launch of the Best Buds Bags, a limited-edition collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

The exclusive two-bag collection incorporates the BIC EZ Reach Lighter and its 1.45-inch extended wand into the design (it acts as the bag latch). This design helps keep fingers away from the flame and ensures that owners are always equipped to light hard-to-reach places, no matter what they’re lighting.

Snoop’s crossbody bag features a purple silhouette pattern and Stewart’s metallic cylinder bag has a removable crossbody strap and short chain. Both bag designs were inspired by Snoop and Martha’s refreshed BIC EZ Reach Lighter designs slated to be released early next year.

“The Best Buds Bags give you a way to keep your BIC EZ Reach Lighter handy and safe from unwanted borrowing at all times – in a fun, stylish way that lights up your look,” says Jeany Mui, marketing director, BIC Flame for Life. “No matter where you are, your lighter is now right within reach. The Best Buds Bags are the best accessory for the best of friendships – like Snoop and Martha’s.”

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