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Yesterday we talked about how vital it is NOT to treat consumers like children and dictate what things you’ll “let” them have at retail. Today we’re going to talk about how to insure your products FAIL AT RETAIL:

4.) When your retail products launch at retail, be sure to ignore them and expect them to thrive: This is one of the stupidest things we’ve ever seen- a restaurant chain licenses retail products, then refuses to help their licensee market those products.

Yes, we know: your primary task is to run a restaurant chain, and every communication you devote to a licensed retail product is one less than you have to reach your core consumer.

But that’s short-sighted. Consumers don’t always see or pay attention to your “core” brand message.

You have a Facebook page?

Big deal: EVERYONE has a Facebook page. Some chains don’t even update their online message regularly. When consumers go there and find the last post or change was months ago, they won’t come back. Yet social media is a perfect way to communicate with your consumers, and let them know they can get your brand in the frozens aisle of their favorite supermarket or retailer.

And of course, there is bounce-back couponing and promotions. Yes, you’re sending customers to a retailer, but there are many creative ways to induce them to come back to your restaurants.

Call us if you’d like to learn how. Tomorrow, Part Five.

Plan on stopping by our panel at the National Restaurant Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place Sunday, May 17th entitled “The Rise of Nontraditional Foodservice: Don’t Panic, Adapt!” Joining BSLG’s Bill Cross will be retail guru, Jimmy Matorin, whose restaurant industry breakfast on Saturday, May 16th is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Rounding out the panel will be Abbie Westra, Editor in Chief of Convenience Store Products.