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In today’s ever changing world, consumers are craving more than just products – they want to experience true connections with the brands they welcome into their lives. This means brands are forcing themselves to get creative in different ways by expanding beyond their core offerings into exciting new products and experiences. 

That’s where brand licensing comes in. 


Burger King’s Flame-Broiled Favorites Go to Retail

When the fast-food giant decided to bring its signature charbroiled taste to grocery aisles with a line of breakfast sandwiches, snacks and more, they called on our food and beverage brand licensing agency (BSLG) for help. The result? A wildly successful international retail program now offered in 25 countries.

“Broad Street brought us strategic opportunities that matched our brand’s image and consumer relevance,” said Russ Klein, Burger King’s former President of Global Marketing, Strategy & Innovation.

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Subway Restaurant Sauces Heading to Grocery StoresBringing the Subway Experience Home

Under BSLG’s guidance, Subway ventured into retail with branded at-home items that let consumers enjoy the Subway experience from home. From miniature food collectables to their iconic sandwich sauces that fans could buy at the grocery store and enjoy at home, the Subway brand turned to Broad Street to deepen their touchpoints with their fans.

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The Taste of Tradition with Guinness

For its first major food licensing program, Guinness tapped BSLG to translate its rich legacy into at-home eats like frozen meals and snacks. The result lets fans experience the spirit of the iconic stout through elevated culinary offerings.

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What is a licensed brand?BIC USA: Igniting Brand Presence

BIC USA’s venture into licensing, facilitated by BSLG, introduced a new dimension to its product line, infusing it with the essence of popular culture. The collaboration resulted in a licensing strategy that breathed excitement through partnerships with music artists, sports leagues, entertainment properties, and more. The move to license pop culture brands and properties onto their lighters not only differentiated BIC’s products from their competition, but also established a sustained revenue stream, reinforcing BIC’s dominance in the market. This collaboration showcased BSLG’s ability to innovate within traditional product categories, reinvigorating BIC’s market appeal.

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SeaPak & Budweiser: Crafting Culinary Delights

SeaPak’s collaboration with Budweiser to launch a co-branded line of seafood products is a prime example of strategic brand extension. Before the collaboration, frozen seafood at the grocery store had been dominated by bland packaging that mainly consisted of yellow and white packaging. Broad Street identified an opportunity to partner SeaPak with the renowned Budweiser brand and leverage Budweiser’s iconic red color as the main packaging color for SeaPak products. This strategy aimed to make SeaPak’s products stand out on the shelves, as the bright red packaging would catch consumers’ attention among a “sea” of yellow and white packaging from other brands. Additionally, by co-branding with Budweiser, a brand synonymous with quality, consumers would feel confident in purchasing SeaPak’s frozen seafood products, which are among the most trusted brands in the category.

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Playboy Spirits: Luxury in Every Bottle

The entry of Playboy into the premium spirits market, through a licensing deal brokered by BSLG, represented a true strategic brand extension into luxury lifestyle products. Christine Coffelt, former SVP of Global Licensing at Playboy Enterprises, praised BSLG’s contribution: “I have signed Broad Street Licensing Group on two occasions – during my tenure at Diageo as well as at Playboy. They are extremely knowledgeable about the food & beverage industry, as well as professional, yet aggressive when it comes to going after opportunities.” This endorsement speaks volumes about BSLG’s commitment to brand growth and market innovation.

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Tony Roma’s: A Taste of Tradition

Tony Roma’s collaboration with BSLG to help expand their retail licensing program has seen its legendary BBQ flavors offered in many different types of products at the grocery store. From BBQ sauces to chilled and frozen BBQ staples including baby back ribs, pulled pork, and even burnt ends and steak medallions.

Not only were these available in the United States, but with BSLG’s guidance, Tony Roma’s was able to reach international markets, including an exclusive partnership with Walmart Japan marking it as the first ever American BBQ brand to have a food licensing program in Japan.

Jim Rogers, former Chief Marketing Officer at Tony Roma’s, praised the agency’s expertise: “Working with Broad Street Licensing Group is like having a full-service licensing & consumer goods division in a briefcase, ready to deploy. Their expertise & deep understanding of the global food licensing landscape is unparalleled, and has been instrumental in expanding the Tony Roma’s brand at retail, both domestically and internationally.” 

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OWS FOODS: Seasoning the Market with Success

OWS Foods, a premiere seasoning and spices manufacturer, collaborated with BSLG in an effort to grab more marketshare away from their top competition including the seasoning’s giant, McCormick Seasonings. Broad Street helped quickly identify best-fit brands for OWS Foods to partner with including Ree Drummond’s, The Pioneer Woman for a line of her specialty cooking spices and seasonings. Broad Street continued this success for OWS Foods by securing a partnership with Lodge Cast Iron Skillets for a line of seasonings and cornbread baking mixes that can be made directly in Lodge skillets. 

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As the food and beverage world continually evolves, brand licensing continues to be one fo the most powerful ways for brands and manufacturers to not only stay relevant but also to bring new and innovative products straight to consumers and reach new audiences.

BSLG’s success stories continue to show our ability to connect brands and manufacturers with emerging consumer interests – whether bringing nostalgic flavors into home kitchens or cooking up unique brand mashups.

Is Your Brand Ready to Level Up?

Transform your brand through licensing by contacting Broad Street Licensing Group and let us help you harness the power of strategic brand extension in the food and beverage industry. 

Let’s craft a success story together!

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