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This study of Hispanic shoppers shows their behaviors changing according to the season (in contrast to general market shoppers)[1] with June, September and November being focused on “concern for family satisfaction” and “one-stop shopping.”

These months coincide with Summer, back-to-school, and holiday shopping. While general shoppers are looking for price & value in the back-to-school season, summer sales or during holidays, Hispanics are seeking approval from family and children over saving money. Otherwise they stress value & convenience, and are in fact more value-driven than the general shopper, though less likely to use in-store messaging or other marketing tools, including in-store TVs. The message for private label products is mixed: Hispanics in general perceive less difference between branded products and private label versions, though those less-affected by the Recession are more brand-loyal with 67% saying they will stick with their brand even if it’s more expensive than the PL version.

[1] Source: The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research.